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Why can't I view the live stream on my BodyGuardz Smart Life app?
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If you are having trouble viewing the live stream on your BodyGuardz Smart Life app, it may be your WiFi or LTE connection. The following are possible quick fixes to retrieve your live stream:


  1. Check your WiFi connection. Go online with another device and visit any website. If your network is down, you may need to contact your internet service provider.
  2. Restart your device. Try powering down the device and wait 30 seconds. 
  3. Restart your WiFi router. Unplug the router, wait 30 seconds, and plug back in. After it boots up, wait until you see steady power and connection lights on the router, then check to see if your live stream has come back on.
  4. Check your internet speed. Try running a SPEED TEST. You'll want to see if you are generating at least 2 Mbps download speeds.
  5. Check if your network has enough bandwidth. Temporarily disconnect other devices from the internet, one at a time, to see if your camera has come back online. If bandwidth is an issue, you may need to be more aware of other devices using limited bandwidth, or upgrade your internet service. 
  6. Check for WiFi interference. Turn off other devices in your home that may be causing problems such as cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and wireless video equipment. 


If you are still having trouble with your Smart Life device there may be a deeper issue. Contact a BodyGuardz Customer Care representative for additional information.

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