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How to install my UltraTough screen protector
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1) Attach the Alignment Tool


Peel the backing from the alignment tool and insert it in the charging port of the device. Peel off the bottom strip of the back liner near the alignment tab (A).


2) Align the UltraTough Film to the Alignment Tool


Align the holes on the cap sheet with the notches on the alignment tool, and place the protector on the device. Use the speaker to ensure the cap sheet and protector are positioned correctly. 


3) Install the Protector


Place the squeegee at the bottom of the protector, then lift the edge of the protector to expose the adhesive. Slowly run the squeegee from the bottom to the top of the device. *Use medium pressure


*The back liner will automatically peel away from the protector. 


4) Finishing Touches


Press down on the edges with the provided cleaning cloth, then peel off the cap sheet, starting from the bottom. Remove the alignment tool. 


5) Register your protector for FREE Lifetime Replacements


Please follow the instructions HERE to become an Advantage Program member and Register your protector for FREE Lifetime Replacements. 

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