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How do I get free shipping with a BodyGuardz case?
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Free shipping will be applied to each registered BodyGuardz case that has a value of $20 or more. To register your BodyGuardz case, you will need to be an Advantage Program member. Please follow the steps HERE to complete that process. 


Once you are an Advantage Program member:


1) Log into your Account

In the top right corner of, you can select "Log In"


2) Select "Register your Case"


3) Enter the appropriate information

The registration page will ask you which phone brand, device, and case you purchased. 


4) Select "Register" to be sent your confirmation email

After submitting the registration form here, you will receive an email asking you to provide an image of your receipt or other proof of purchase to verify you purchased your product from an authorized seller. After we have received and verified your proof of purchase, our team will process your case registration into our Advantage Program, and you will qualify for free shipping on five (5) BodyGuardz screen protector replacements purchased from an authorized seller and for the same device as your registered case.

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