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What to do if I do not have a broken screen protector to send back?
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We understand how things can happen to your broken screen protector. It may have been thrown away, lost, stolen or eaten by your dog.

If you don’t have your old screen protector to send back, please contact our customer success team so they can guide you through the next steps. You can send us an email using or live chat with us on the BodyGuardz website. 


Here’s why we ask you to send the broken screen protector back to us. 

  1. It’s a simple proof of purchase (and doesn’t get lost as easy as a paper receipt)
  2. It shows us that a replacement is needed

Unfortunately, there are people who attempt to abuse the free replacement program. Our goal is to prevent fraud, keep replacements free and protect our actual customers who purchased a protector, registered and ordered a replacement. If you have any additional questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.  


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