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I just received my 5-in-1 Emergency Hub and it won’t turn on
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If you just received your 5-in-1 Emergency Hub in the mail and it won't power on, then we recommend leaving the device plugged in for an hour or two and retrying.


The 5-in-1 Emergency Hub actually won't give you an indication that it's charging until the device has been turned on. The initial charge may take a bit of extra time if the device arrived dead. After leaving the device plugged into an outlet for an hour or so, remove it from the wall and hold down the flashlight button until the LEDs illuminate on the front of the unit. 


If LEDs still do not illuminate, please email us at to continue troubleshooting. 


If the device does power on, then proceed to connect the 5-in-1 Hub to your Smart Life account. 


For additional help and instructions on setting up your 5-in-1, click HERE


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