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How do I use my Portable 360 Camera with Google Assistant?
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To connect your Portable 360 Security Camera to your Google Assistant:


  1. Must have a valid Google Assistant account
  2. Must have a device added to your BodyGuardz SmartLife account
  3. Log into the Google Assistant app and go to the” Settings” page
  4. Click on “Devices,” then “Add a device,” then “Link a device”
  5. On the “Home” control screen, search for and add the skill “BGZ Smart Life - Smart Home”
  6. The skill will ask you to log into your BGZ Smart Life account—use the account that owns/manages your device
  7. After you log in, the Google Assistant app will automatically discover and add your Smart Life device to your GoogleAssistant home control
  8. To turn on the 360° Camera’s night light, give the command, “OK Google, turn on my 360 camera light
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