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Order not going through
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Try these simple fixes to allow your order to go through:


  1. Make sure the billing address matches the credit card address. 
    • Double check the zip code and make sure it matches your card zip code.
    • Edit your billing address and delete the last 4 digits of the zip code.
  2. Make sure the card you use is a credit/debit card and NOT a prepaid card for your replacement.  Prepaid cards will not work for replacement orders due to our 60-day Advantage Replacement policy.
  3. Start over. Take the product out of your shopping cart, re-add it, and try to place the order again.
  4. Try using a different card for the order.  Sometimes the bank will decline the purchase due to this type of transaction, so you may need to contact them if the order is still not going through.



If your order still won't go through after you have tried each step, please contact customer support so they can help you place your order.

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