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How do I charge the power bank?

You can recharge the power bank on the 5-in-1 Emergency Hub by plugging the device into a standard A/C outlet. Each of the LEDs on the front of the device represent 25% battery power, so you’ll know how much of a charge you have.

What is the size of the power bank on the 5-in-1 Emergency Hub?

The Potable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub has a **6600 mAh** sized battery.

What type of cable will I need to charge my smartphone?

The cable you use to charge your smartphone will need a USB Type-A connector to connect to the Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub.

How many times can I charge my smartphone using the 5-in-1 Emergency Hub?

This will largely depend on which type of smartphone you have, apps being used, and data usage. But the 5-in-1 Emergency Hub should charge your smartphone up to 2 times.

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